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Only a few steps away from historic Central Park West, in the center of Manhattan's Upper West Side, we provide our clients with a prestigious location; a beautiful and spacious interior; excellent acoustics, lighting, and catering facilities.
General Information

The main hall is 55’ X 100’ (7,500 sq. feet). It holds 593 people; 400 seated banquet style and 550 for a meeting.
The gymnasium is 35’ X 100’ (3,500 sq. feet). with an attached catering kitchen.

There are six conference rooms: C-4 (19’ X 22’) C-5, C-6 (17’ X 23’) C-14 (19’ X 22’) and C-20 (13’ X 23’). Each room holds 15 to 20 people.
bullet A catering kitchen is available.
bullet The rehearsal room is a private space with a piano.
bullet The chapel is 20' x 20' with a capacity for 22 persons.
Included Free in the Rental
bullet Twenty 60” round tables (seats 8-10)
Eight 36” round tables (seats 4)
Fourteen 8’ X 30” tables (seats 8-10 or can be used for buffet and bar
Three hundred and fifty folding chairs (200 plastic and 150 metal)
Crew to assist in setting items up
bullet Kitchens
Upstairs kitchen is 80 square feet with a gas stove and large commercial refrigerator. [Downstairs kitchen is 500 square feet with two fridges, two ovens, one broiler, one grill and six gas burners.]
bullet Sound Systems
Four Bose speakers, one Samson MPL 1502 fifteen -channel mixer
Two JF80 speakers, one QSC MX 1500 amplifier
One PEAVEY 1DL1000 digital delay
One RANE ME60 stereo 1/3 octave EQ
One CALZONE 12-space rack with mixer mount
One CALZONE casters
One PROCO SCSM snake, assorted cables, connectors, etc.
One OPTIMUS stereo cassette deck, three Shure SM58 microphones
bullet Theatrical Lighting
NSI remote controlled, 16 channel, 19,200 watt dimmer system connecting four 500 watt Fresnels and fourteen 500 watt Lekos.
bullet Other Items Included
Six coat racks with 600 hangers, seven garbage cans (40 gallon), seventy-eight electrical outlets, twenty circuits (20 amp), five circuits (15 amp) and five coffee urns (four 100-cup and one 50-cup)
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